VW CrossBlue Concept

Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept SUV

CrossBlue SUV from Volkswagen was unveiled in Detroit earlier this week.

The SUV can be turned into a zero emissions car either at the press of a button or automatically. When its lithium-ion battery (energy capacity: 9.8 kWh) is fully charged, the Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept can travel a distance of up to 14 miles in all-electric mode based on the US test cycle; in this mode, its top speed is reduced from 127 mph (204 km/h) to 75 mph (120 km/h) to achieve an optimal driving range. In the new European driving cycle (NEDC), the CrossBlue attains an all-electric driving range of 33 km. Important: it is not possible to directly compare driving ranges and fuel economy values of the US and EU driving test cycles to one another, since the tests are configured differently.

Facts overview

  • Fuel economy (EPA for plug-in hybrid vehicles) – 89 MPGe
  • Fuel consumption (NEDC for plug-in hybrid vehicles) –  2.1 l/100 km
  • Driving performance – V/max 127 mph / 204 km/h    V/max, electric 75 mph / 120 km/h
  • Dimensions –
    • Length 4,987;
    • Width 2,015 mm;
    • Height 1,733 mm;
    • Track widths,
    • Front/rear 1,686 mm/1,696 mm
  • Drive units / power / transmission –
    • Turbodiesel 140 kW; E-motors: front 40 kW
    • Rear 85 kW; System power (TDI + battery) 225 kW
    • 6-speed DSG
  • Battery – Eight lithium ion modules; energy capacity 9,8 kWh
  • Drivetrain –
    • Front-wheel drive (via TDI and front E-motor);
    • Four-wheel drive (via TDI and E-motor(s))
    • Rear-wheel drive (via rear E-motor)
  • Driving modes – E mode / Eco mode / Sport mode / Offroad mode /Charge mode


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