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Fuel prices often rise at peak travel times. Audi helps customers to save money regardless. Refuelling Stop is a new online service available for the A3 family that provides information about the cheapest prices at filling stations. Beginning in May, this service will be offered for all models with Audi connect.

  • Online service shows fuel prices at the push of a button
  • Function available now for the A3 family and for virtually all Audi models in the future
  • Further example of intelligent online services

The service consults an online database to list the cheapest filling stations at the current location, at the driver’s destination or at a freely selectable location. The driver can sort the overview list by price or distance. One click is all it takes to set the selected filling station as a navigation destination. The current A3 family even considers the type of fuel required.

Besides the A3 model lineup, Audi connect Refuelling Stop will also be available in the A1, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q5 and Q7 model families in the future. The service requires MMI Navigation plus and the optional online Bluetooth car phone or the Audi connect option in the A3 models.

Audi connect denotes all applications and developments that connect Audi models to their owner, the Internet, the infrastructure and other vehicles. The entire model lineup offers numerous web-based services. Refuelling Stop is not the only service that helps make driving more economical; so does online traffic information. The service displays real-time traffic conditions along the selected route and suggests appropriate detours when necessary.

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