Icona Vulcano

A couple of days after its first teaser image, Italian design firm Icona has unveiled the Icona Vulcano supercar concept at the Shanghai Motor Show 2013. Little is yet known about the Vulcano’s specs, but according to GT Spirit customers will have two different models to chose from.

The Icona Vulcano can be optioned with two different engines. The first and definitely most impressive powerplant is a front-mounted V12 engine mated with an electric engine helping to deliver a claimed 950hp. The Icona Vulcano can then be fitted with a much smaller and less powerful V6 engine..

Additionally, the Icona Vulcano will be offered in two different specifications, the first of which will be road-legal the other a track-day only machine. Interestingly, the road-going model will actually be the V12-powered 950hp Vulcano, while the racing version will be powered by the small V6 engine combined with two electric motors to deliver an extremely impressive 870hp.


GT Spirit

Icona is making bold claims of a less then 2 second 0-100km sprint for the road going v12 version and 2.9 for the v6 track only model. Both models are expected to match the McLaren P1 and Lamborghini Aventadors top speeds of 217mph.

Its got the looks, its got the name, its got the power, and it sure isn’t going to be cheap. Its a proper crazy supercar and one we will be keeping our eyes on.icona-vulcano-02





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