Do you happen to be the worlds biggest Formula One fan and also have a spare $166,000 sitting around at home, If so we have just the thing for you .

A supermarket chain in the UK, Costco, are selling a life-size F1 racing simulator for one simple payment of £89,999.89 ($166,000 NZD).

So what do you get for your $166,000 I hear you say. Your simulator comes with a state of the art Intel Core i7 processor, three 23-inch monitors and high-end surround sound system with a sub-woofer mounted behind the driver’s back for extra vibration realism. Other features include the quick-release steering wheel, electronically adjustable pedals, Pirelli F1 show tyres, Brembo or AP Racing brakes and composite carbon fibre body materials.

Your simulator is also “made to order” and “you can have the shell in any colour of your choice”. For what we can imagine is a tiny extra fee you can add racing livery, classic Ferrari red, black and gold Lotus or maybe your very own racing colours.

Thankfully the $166,000 includes delivery and installation, however this simulator is currently only available UK buyers.




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