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A big thank you to all the team at Armstrong Prestige Wellington located at 66 Cambridge Terrace for allowing us the use of a brand new Jaguar F-Type S for this Split Second Review. Drop in anytime to check out their complete range of new and used Jaguar’s.

Jaguar F-Type S-6


A brief and unexpected opportunity popped up to road test and shoot some photos of the stunning new Jaguar F-Type S. I jumped at the chance and thought instead of waiting until we had the F-Type for a full road test review I would just give you a taste of what it felt like in the short time I spent with the new Jaguar F-Type S .

Jaguar F-Type S-16


The exterior of this sports car is hard to fault, the entire package results in a great looking car. I sometimes spend a bit of time to finding the right angles to photograph some vehicles, but the F-Type couldn’t have made the job any easier.  Its one of those cars that stops people in their tracks, to see what its all about. It has very nice details and hidden features all over the car, like the pop out door handles with jaguar logo inlays. The only thing I felt that was visually missing was a nice set of drilled or slotted rotors to complete the performance sports car look.

Jaguar F-Type S-15


The F-Type S is a very easy car to drive, light and responsive, giving the driver great confidence in where they want the vehicle to go. The 8 speed automatic is very smooth in standard drive mode, and properly puts a grin on your face punchy in sport mode. The 280kw supercharged V6 has a very nice start up note and glorious sound track under power.

Jaguar F-Type S-19


The interior is probably one of the nicest parts of this car, very high quality feel, the dash and centre console focused everything at the driver, creating a cockpit like environment. Mix this with the low seating position, narrow pill box front windscreen and that supercharged V6 spitting and popping you could easily feel like your in the cockpit of a fighter plane. The only thing I found some what annoying was the glare on some of the displays when under direct sunlight.

Jaguar F-Type S-17

This short test left me wanting more of what the F-Type S had to offer, It just wants to get out and have fun on the open country roads.


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