Ineos Bio has disclosed that they are able to produced large quantities of bio ethanol from waste and other nonfood matter, an advancement that could be the first step in solving our reliance on fossil fuels. The Swiss based company plans to produce around 8 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol per year, all from vegetative waste and garbage. With advancements in gasification and fermentation technology, from days to minutes, they are able to convert bio waste into bioethanol

“We are producing commercial quantities of bioethanol from vegetative and wood waste, and at the same time exporting power to the local community — a world first,” said Ineos Bio CEO Peter Williams.

Ineos solutions are aimed at solving waste disposal issues, and hope that one day your waste could be brought to one of there plants to be converted in biofuel for personal use.

“The ability to divert waste materials from communities by converting them into competitively priced renewable fuel and power offers an excellent value proposition,”

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