Changes to New Zealands Warrant Of Fitness rules will be introduced from the start of next year.

Transport Agency chief executive Geoff Dangerfield said

“People should take their vehicle in for inspection at its next due date as per usual. Following a successful inspection, the inspector will assign the appropriate date for the vehicle’s next inspection.”

What are these changes and when will they happen

  • As of January 1 2014, all light vehicles registered between 2004 and 2008 will require an annual woof inspection instead of the current six-monthly one. These vehicles will then remain on annual inspection for their lifetime.
  • As of July 1 2014, annual inspections will include all light vehicles registered after January 1 2000 and brand new vehicles receive the initial inspection, one when they are three years old, and then on to annual inspections for their lifetime.
  • All other light vehicles registered before January 1 2000 will remain on six-monthly inspections for their lifetime.




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