Renault unveiled Initiale Paris Concept at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show which could be the Espace replacement. Mixing a sleek lines and complex patterns and features a complex roof structure that is derived from the road layout of central Paris.

“Initiale Paris is the sixth concept car in Renault’s design strategy. It previews the Espace replacement in an ‘Initiale Paris’ version embodying Renault’s vision of the premium segment.” Laurens van den Acker – Vice President, Corporate Design


Renault Initiale Paris like the Espace is a large car, at 4.85 m long. And like its predecessor the new concept promises impressive spaciousness on board. Its body styling immediately expresses:

  • the vitality of a saloon, through its emphatic grille and muscular shoulders,
  • the character of an SUV, with large 22-inch wheels and sculptured wings,
  • and the light and space of an MPV, through a generous glazed surface and innovative roof that plays with light.


Renault took a dCi 130 engine and enhanced its torque (peaking at 400 Nm) .Overall, the concept engine emits 40 g/km less CO2 and burns 25% less fuel than an equivalent-performance diesel.



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