Skoda have unveiled the latest addition to their lineup, a new mid size hatch the Rapid Spaceback. In Europe it will be available with four petrol and two diesel engines. These power plants will produce between 55 and 90 kW. The 66 kW 1.6 TDI will be launched in the Rapid model series in conjunction with the current diesel engine 77 kW 1.6 TDI. Four power trains are used for petrol engines. The three-cylinder 55 kW 1.2 MPI and two four-cylinders 1.2 TSI (63 kW and 77 kW) are available with manual transmission. The strongest petrol engine is the 90 kW 1.4 TSI, which is offered with a seven-speed DGS transmission. This new TDI can also be combined with automatic seven-speed DSG transmission. All TSI and TDI engines are also available in the economical Green tec versions


“The new Skoda Rapid Spaceback is a milestone for Skoda: it means that we are entering the strategically important segment of compact hatchback models,” says Skoda CEO Winfried Vahland. “The Rapid Spaceback is a great addition to this class in that it combines Skoda’s good practical characteristics with the popular hatchback shape. Sporting the new Skoda design, the Rapid Spaceback has a fresh and dynamic appearance. It is a compact car with a sporty chic, spacious and practical, ideal for young people and families,” says Vahland.

The Spaceback shares the wheelbase and front panels of the existing Rapid, and uses a station wagon body, but with a shortened rear over-hang.

“With its attractive combination of space, functionality, and design, the Rapid Spaceback is a new offer in the compact car segment. This is a very spacious vehicle that represents one of our brand’s key values,” says Werner Eichhorn, Skoda board member for sales and marketing. “As is typical of Skoda, the Rapid Spaceback’s interior sets a new standard in its class,” says Eichhorn.



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