New York City, a group of riders have a confrontation with a black Range Rover on the weekend, something may have happened before the video started filming. But from what we can see neither party looks to be in very good condition by the end of the footage.  Bare in mind the driver of the range rover is a father with his wife and daughter in the back and was dragged out and beaten, what should he have done with a group like that in a chase?

Official news can be found here: new york post

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Tom Lo
Filthy tidiness is probably how I would describe my passion for anything with a motor. I enjoy the perfection, purposefulness, and thought put into the design and assembly of cars....but I do love to see them been thrashed and covered in brake dust, dirt and blood. You gotta use it to love it in my books.


  1. No matter who did what to cause such a childish reaction by the biker group. The last bit should never have happened. That’s insane! I agree that big black 4WD’s tend be driven by aggressive people who don’t care too much for other road users (eventually I will own one ;)). However, there are other ways if addressing it. The MOB mentality of the bikers is disgraceful.

    As a cyclist I know what its like being at the mercy of other road users.


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