Do you remember all the things you made with LGEO when you where young and remember who great they were. Well Feranado aka Sheepo has never really stopped playing with LEGO and is going to make you think what you made was pretty stink. After  you see this fully functional Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 he build, you will agree with us that he deserves the rank of LEGO Jedi Master.


I know what you are still thinking, I build stuff like that, easy as. So these cars you built, did they have a working lego engines, gear box, disc brakes and performance suspension……. only but a few of the features included


Remote controlled functions:

  • Steering (M motor)
  • Drive (2 L motors)
  • Sequential gearbox (PF Servo motor)
  • Disc brakes (M motor)


Gearbox with 5 Forward Gears and Reverse, with visual display for selected gear.

  • R – 2.08:1
  • 1 –  1.67:1
  • 2 –  1.25:1
  • 3 –  1:1
  • 4 –  1:1.33
  • 5 –  1:1.67

Suspension based on the real GT500: front McPherson axle and a rear 4-links live axle


Still think you built something like this when you where young. Here’s a demo of all the feature at work on the GT500

For the full build thread check out Sheepo’s Garage 



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