Life-Like Toy Cars Images 01

Michael Paul Smith, who could quite possibly be a giant for all we know, seems to have a passion for cars and photography. But as you can see from the above pic, he is quite big, or is he.  Michael has spent the last 25 years creating detailed 1/24 scale models, and brining them to life in Elgin Park. Elgin Park is a virtual community that he has created containing a collection of 1/24th scale recreations of everyday scenes from the middle of the 20th century.

Life-Like Toy Cars Images 02

Through his lens you get to glimpse a brief moment in time, where it lets your imagination run wild. The detail in his models are so realistic that you don’t realise you are looking at 1/24 scale models, right up until he shows you how its done. You have to admin his passion and imagination and we hope he continues to create these wonderful image for many more years.

Life-Like Toy Cars Images 03

For more images, take a trip around Elgin Park



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