Ferrari_F12_N Largo_05

We all remember the Aventador Package Novitec  did earlier this year, well since then the guys must have had quite a bit of spare time on their hands. As the team at Novitec have gone to work on the Ferrari F12 create the F12 N Largo Package. From the front grill to the rear exhausts their prancing horse specialists have really spiced things up with a array of custom carbon fibre trims.

Ferrari_F12_N Largo_06

But its not just cosmetic, new suspension with 40mm lowering springs, and an engine upgrade to produce 731 hp and 721 Nm of torque, all of this power is put down with a set of custom body coloured rims. I just hope it comes with a contestant replacement tyre package too !!!!

Ferrari_F12_N Largo_11

Source – Novitec Rosso

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