I’ve known Andrew for years now and though we don’t really keep in touch on a regular basis he is one of those guys who always treats you like a member of the family.

Over the last 15 years he has proven his worth as a constant tinkerer, never leaving his beloved Nissan GTIR alone for more than a paycheck or two and it has transformed from what was and example of 90’s hot hatch aggression into somewhat of a Frankenstein’s monster of a hatch.

So what takes a young lad from excited enthusiast to home garage Frankenstein? Hopefully this episode will give you somewhat better insight into that very question.

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Roger Baillie
Brought up in a world of Mini's, road trips, rallying and tinkering it is unsurprising that among my passions, since I can remember, cars have been something very special to me. The way they look, the way they smell and especially the way the sound. This passion has grown over the years from a spectator's seat at Formula 1 and WRC events to active participation in events such as the Cannonball Run NZ and Stance Off Events. My current love affair is with a slightly tuned Mk4 Golf GTI which brings me nothing but joy on the road. This love for driving and cars has led me start a Podcast dedicated to my love of driving called Drive Life NZ where I hope to share my story while exploring the varied stories of other enthusiasts. Dispelling the myths surrounding car people and celebrating our diversity.


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