Do you get up in the morning and suffer like the rest of us, struggling to reach for your phone, knocking over large piles of unused cash. Yes, you do, Great as Bugatti have the solution for all your knocked over piles of unused cash problems. For one easy payment of $84,000 you can now own this super nifty and slightly (OMG) geeky Bugatti Belt, not the complete belt mind you, just the buckle. I know right, you want to know to know more, and are in amazement of how you have been able to walk around this earth with your pants held up without this belt in your life. Lucky for you the engineers at Bugatti noticed a gap in the market which they have since quickly filled.Bugatti_Belt_02

It seems that Bugatti was not just set on making the most expensive cars in the world but the most expensive anything else they can put their name on as well. Designed by famed Geneva watch-maker Roland Iten, this one off mechanism is made of lightweight titanium and stainless steel, entirely handcrafted, polished and assembled in the same way master craftsmen make high-precision watches in Geneva.

Wait, there’s more, poking a simple buckle into a hole in your leather belt is for just for commoners. This belt buckle features an elaborate click-free click system which restrains the belt perfectly around the waistline every time.

Silly me, thinking that if I could afford a Bugatti Veyron I had made it ….. How wrong was I.


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