Personally to date this is the most awesome looking piece of luxury 4×4, wait 6×6!! to date!


Mercedes AMG, in-house madmen built the G63 6×6 for military purpose, but have since released the production line to offer everyday goers like us; whom can afford this, to be able to purchase and have loads of fun with this piece of utility.

Plenty of overhead switches like a cockpit of an airplane. The G63 has it’s own built-in tyre inflating system, when you get into some tricky situations that you need just that extra more grip, like climbing a huge sand dune!


What engine did you say it had? 5.5L V8 Bi-Turbo, 6WD, 7spd dual-clutch box

How much power? 540bhp/561lb ft

How often do I need to visit the petrol station? 13.4mpg – 17.54L/100km

Really, how fast? 0-100km/hr in7.0secs

How much does it weigh? 3850kg

Did I mention I have a small garage? 5.85m Long 2.3 Tall!

Can I pay in Bullion Gold Bars? £360,000 ($720,000NZD)




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