Fancy a weekend foray into the wilderness!? You’ll need the right vehicle to get there, and  the Mercedes  G Entdecker would most definitely be that one. Built on the truly tested and extraordinary Geländewagen, you know it’s tough already. Mercedes just made it better, for adventure, overland, expedition….what ever you do it will take you there.

Three batteries to run all of the electronics including 12V and 24V power supplies. Front, Rear Diff lockers and a third centre locker as well. storage for Africa and a fuel capacity of 230L split between two tanks. 86L of water. Roof top tent and every off road recovery tool you would ever need. Satellite communications systems. Aluminium split bead lock wheels that attach inside and outside the tyre bead for extra low pressure driving. All pulled by a V6 CDI Diesel pushing 183Hp/400Nm.








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