Cars and Movies go together like popcorn and soda. And how better to make your car look as cool as possible, then have it star in its very own fake movie.  DoubleURXXX Productions brings you the thrilling tail of a gorgeous young country girl falls in love with a handsome, mysterious drifter and his handsomer and mysteriouser car, igniting a winner-take-all war between him and her overprotective father, the toughest sheriff in the world — forcing her to choose between the man who raised her and the man with the turbocharged machine to give her…The Ride of Her Life!

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John Galvin (JSG)
It started at a young age with bedroom posters, the Countach of course. This slowly grew into a super car die-cast model collection, fifty five 1:18 models at the last count. At which point it had almost taken full control, the incurable Mad Car Disease ran deep though my veins all the way to the bone. And things for my loved ones just got worse as the cars where now being bought at 1:1 scale, after a BMW, HSV, and couple of Audi's, the disease reached my brain, pushing me over the edge and down the rabbits hole into the world of the bedroom poster.


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