On Tuesday we showed you a couple concepts that Jeeps Mopar team released for the annual Easter Jeep safari. Well here they are in the flesh! Well the Cherokee concept any ways. The all new Cherokee has had a heavy revamp, creating a trail hungry beast they dubbed the Dakar Study. It is definitely an improvement as the dark aggressive colours and spots of red really make it appear a lot tougher than what it used to be. Added with the mud tyres, new wheels,  rock rails and added skid plates. I wouldn’t mind been seen in this. They also pulled out the “Adventure” Cherokee, way more subdued than its Dakar brother. The Adventure features Mopars prototype roof top basket thing….

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Tom Lo
Filthy tidiness is probably how I would describe my passion for anything with a motor. I enjoy the perfection, purposefulness, and thought put into the design and assembly of cars....but I do love to see them been thrashed and covered in brake dust, dirt and blood. You gotta use it to love it in my books.


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