Manufactures have been developing endless new ways to ship the worlds freight to our doors and Mercedes-Benz researcher have been developing what could be the next revolutionary step in logistics. A freight trailer that incorporates anti gravity technology or what they are calling “Wave Freight Technology”. This may seem like science fiction, but it has been in development for years by researchers around the world. Wave Freight Technology suspends the trailer above the ground on a anti gravity wave generated by a system of rotating magnets in the trailers undercarriage that work in conjunction with the earth magnetic fields. The effects this will have on the entire freight industry is enormous, allowing heavier freight to be transported, reduced wear and tear and improved fuel efficiency thanks to improved aerodynamics and no contact with the road surface.  We cant wait to see some of these in action, and more importantly we cant wait to see this technology improved so its small enough to make its way into everyday cars, flying cars are no longer just a dream.



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