Very exciting news to wake up to this morning! Volkswagen have debut at Beijing Auto Show a so called concept car “Golf R400” a hot hatch that has a possible production future if they are given the green light to go a head with production. Volkswagen’s R division devised a plan to take on the hot hatches of the market with this wider, lighter, 400hp AWD Golf. Such rivals on the market are Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, BMW 235i and soon to be announced the second generation Audi RS3.


The interesting path that the R division styling have taken on the twin exhaust in the middle, un-like the current MK7 Golf R has twin quad exhausts that make it look like its sister company; Audi, this is really reflecting going back to it’s original roots as the MK5 Golf R32 and MK6 Golf R has the twin exhaust set up in the middle.

The Golf R400 sports a much more aggressive stance with its wider body, larger brakes and semi-slick tyres and  very distinct aero-dynamic air vents/canards on the rear bumper and larger intake grills on the front bumper and what looks like running boards for side-skirts, but that must actually be there to create less drag under the car and increasing the downforce as on the rear bumper has a very noticeable diffuser.


The Golf R400 can accelerate to 0-100km/hr in 3.9seconds! with its heavily tuned EA888 engine which is found in the MK7 Golf R.


YES! They’ve brought back the Recaro Bucket seats! The Recaro bucket seats weren’t on the option sheet with the current Golf R. The interior and cockpit of the Golf R400 is very sporty, carbon accents and black piano dressing around the centre console with the subtle neon yellow stitching around the Recaro Shell seats in Alcantara and carbon leather, a very nice combo!



Pictures: VWVORTEX


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