“Starwood Motors have unveiled their latest project, tagged the “Nighthawk”

Though I’m not so clued up on customising 4WD’s, but this Jeep Wrangler is amazeballs!

I love the name of the paint job given to this Wrangler “Matte Magnesium Metallic”
jeep-wrangler-nighthawk-by-starwood-motors-6 jeep-wrangler-nighthawk-by-starwood-motors-5

The leather interior is dubbed Supple Cocoa Bugatti Leather and to be very honest, that’s hot!

Fully kitted out with LED’s, Coilover suspension, 22″ custom made wheels, slotted brakes! It claims to make big power, but with no statement made by Starwood Motors themselves, we can only imagine it’s got plenty of grunt under that hood!

Pictures: Starwood Motors


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