WARNING: Content maybe disturbing to others.

DOE Road Safety Anti Speeding 2014

The aim of the one-minute advert is the fact that 28 children (the same number as an average classroom) have been killed as a result of speeding in Northern Irish roads since 2000. The background music is the classic Guns and Roses song accompanied by a intense scene where a driver is speeding along a road before his car flips and lands on a group of children enjoying a picnic in a park. A very forceful message about speeding and the consequences.


  1. Wasn’t as shocked as I expected to be I understand what they’re trying to get across. I can also see though, why people are taking the piss, lets be honest, what’s the probability of your average Astra, travelling at that speed, on a slight bend, suddenly snap oversteering? Let alone barrel rolling through a hedge and flattening some kids. Message on point, execution, maybe not so much. In your face is what’s needed though.


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