If Porsche designed more a apartment towers, The world would be a pretty amazing place for auto enthusiasts … Currently under construction in Miami, Florida is a building named P’0001. Ok, so they are not great at naming things, but names are hard and thats not whats important. Whats is is that fact that this 57-floor, 132 condominium structure is being designed in conjunction with the Porsche Design Group. Which in the simplest of terms means, this is going to be a pretty sweet building for car lovers. 


The idea is not to just have Porsche design a fancy building, but to work on the best way to incorporate a internal system that allows you to store your vehicles on the same floor as you apartment, and not in a big nasty underground car park below the building. So for those of us that love the idea of having a high class garage seen though the glass wall of your living room, this would be heaven.


To be eligible to get one of these amazing apartments you do not have to drive a Porsche, but you will need is around $4.7 to $14.5 million lying around in spare change.

Images – BBC Autos



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