Earlier this week Mercedes-Benz New Zealand announced the pricing and specification for the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class range. All of these models will be available from dealerships towards the end of August. The sedan will available in five variants, two petrol engines, two diesel engines and a diesel hybrid engines. And the wagon will be available in all but the diesel hybrid option.

Standard features for both the C 200 and C 200 BlueTEC include, Garmin MAP PILOT Satellite Navigation, ambient interior lighting throughout the cabin, power operated park brake, keyless start function, Active Parking Assist, Reversing Camera and Agility Select with five driving.

And the standard options for the C 250 (petrol) and C 250 BlueTEC variants will arrive with the full Driver Assistance Package PLUS package most from the current S-Class, Steer Assist, KEYLESS-GO with hands-free access, leather upholstery and 19” alloy wheels

Sedan (available from August 2014):

  • C 200: $71,900 (MRRP)
  • C 200 BlueTEC: $73,400 (MRRP)
  • C 250: $86,900 (MRRP)
  • C 250 BlueTEC: $88,400 (MRRP)
  • C 300 BlueTEC HYBRID: $94,900 (MRRP)

Estate (available from November 2014):

  • C 200: $74,900 (MRRP)
  • C 200 BlueTEC: $76,400 (MRRP)
  • C 250: $89,900 (MRRP)
  • C 250 BlueTEC: $91,400 (MRRP)

The price detailed are based on current Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price (MRRP)

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