Land Rover have fully refurbished a 1990 Range Rover Expedition vehicle that they will auction off on Ebay to raise money for the Tread Lightly Charity. As well as winning the historic replica, you get an opportunity to attend the 25th anniversary Great Divide expedition. The 25th anniversary expedition was first started back in 1989 and was the launch of the launch of Tread Lightly! An American non-profit organisation that promotes protecting national parks, recreational areas and waterways with good ethics and stewardship. Land Rover was one of the founding partners. The Tread Lightly ethos is now shared world wide and is practised among the 4Wd communities in countries all around the World, even here in New Zealand!

You can find out more about the truck and the auction here: Tread Lightly

landrover-rangerover-usa-adventure-great-divide_01 landrover-rangerover-usa-adventure-great-divide_03

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Tom Lo
Filthy tidiness is probably how I would describe my passion for anything with a motor. I enjoy the perfection, purposefulness, and thought put into the design and assembly of cars....but I do love to see them been thrashed and covered in brake dust, dirt and blood. You gotta use it to love it in my books.


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