Do you have to much money and don’t know what to do with it all? V8 WET ROD!

Enjoy big V8s and clowning around? Want to do all that but in uber luxury!? Then this 5.7L 300Hp V8 powered water jet propulsion personal water craft is for you! With a top speed of 104km/h you’ll be cruising the water ways in your local area in style and speed.  Custom trailer, engine chrom dress kit, wood inlays, carbon inlays, uber special custom paint, custom wrapping, mean sound system, GPS navigation, and ice box under your seat. Whats not to love about this!

I know it’s not a car or has four wheels, but the V8 is what makes it a little relevant here. And it does look like a beached whale to me, but you can’t deny it’s something a little unique.  Luxury yacht building company Strand Craft say they’ll have these custom PWCs out later this year…price tag? Not cheap I believe.




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