Rolls Royce aren’t exactly what comes to mind when you think of fleet sales but recently the luxury British marque have received their largest and most expensive single order in their 110 year history.

The order of 30 bespoke Phantoms comes from Stephen Hung, owner of the soon-to-open Louis VIII hotel in Macau. Hung plans to use the fleet to ferry patrons of the hotel around Macau.


It is reported that the deal has cost the hotel owner around £12 million. That’d put each car at around £400,000 or around £100,000 more than what a “standard” Phabtom usually retails at in the UK.

Mind you these bespoke Phantoms come with a special features unseen in “lesser” Phantoms such as clocks designed by Graff Luxury Watches, a special pattern on the seats inspired by the lobby floor, and gold-plates accents inside and out. The price also includes training for the chauffeurs by Rolls Royce.


While all this is fine and lovely I have to say it’s not a new idea. The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong did it first purchasing a fleet of 11 Phantoms back in 2006 and were finished in a classier Peninsula Green colour.

But if you could have a fleet of luxury cars which would you pick?

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