Taz Racing

This is something that needs to be on TV, and it only seems to revolve around the Fiat 126. But they are not your factory stock models, they are modified, and even saying that is not quite a strong enough word for it. For example this Orange FIAT runs a 350 V8 Chevy motor that pumps out 500bhp and can do a quarter mile in 9.8 at 138mph (222kph), not bad at all. And this Blue FIAT has the engine from a MR2 which provides  308 BHP and does a quarter mile in 11.95 at 120mph (193kph). These machine are mental, and awesome. Just take a listen to both of these beasts, you see tiny cars, but you hear massive muscle cars, brilliant.

Taz Racing, a sport renamed after Danny Skinner much loved member who lost his battle with the disease Cystic Fibrosis, and if you would like to know more about the sport and its members check out there site here at tazracing.co.uk



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