auto piloted audi rs7

Here is a demonstration of audi’s auto piloted system. The have equipped one of the from factory Rs7 with a few extra camera’s and sensors and send it out on the track with no driver. It may not be the fastest or take the best line all the time but it is no slow poke either, reaching speeds over 150 kph all with no one behind the wheel. To see the action skip to 2:20 in this video, or listen to some of the technology they put in the car.

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Alan Stevenson-Galvin (Skii)
Racing games is where my love for cars started. Always wanting to play more and more realistic games until I was allowed to get behind the wheel. Combine this with my love for technology and that has made me who I am today. I love to see my two passions combining and see what technologies are being used in the latest cars.


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