Last weekend, on the 28th September 2014, the Euro Car Club NZ had it’s second meet and first for the Summer. Over 130 European makes and models of cars from well groomed originals to personalised modified rides, descended on to Hooton Reserve in Albany, both in convoy and individually.

EuroCarClubMeet28Sep 26

Although there is no shortage of brand specific clubs in the Auckland area with most meeting monthly to yarn about their cars, swap parts and generally enjoy the company of like minded enthusiasts, this is one of the few times these groups can come together under one banner to see what each other are up to and how the Euro car scene in New Zealand is evolving.

EuroCarClubMeet28Sep 14

Some of the highlights of the event included a genuine De Tomaso Pantera, a lovingly restored Porsche 964 911, and BMW E30 M3 Evo and 840ci, to name just a few. Prizes were given out based on club members votes for Euro Car Club NZ Best Overall Car, Best Performance Vehicle (Sponsored by Mint I.T Solutions), Cleanest Car (Sponsored by Attention To Detail – Premium Vehicle Grooming), Head-Turner Award.

EuroCarClubMeet28Sep 40

Event organiser Amber-Leigh Erasmus was thrilled to see the numbers double from the previous event.

“This all wouldn’t of been possible without the members of ECC Nz, [and a big] thanks to our Sponsors who took the time to attend and award some of the prizes.The weather gods were on our side for the most part!”

EuroCarClubMeet28Sep 19

After the success of the weekends event, Amber and her team have already in planning for their next meet so be sure to keep tabs on their FaceBook page for details.

“Events like the one just been does take a lot of a prep…. we are in the early stages of planning our next one as of now.” Amber said,
“Dates are looking at December, which gives us time to prepare for a bigger, Summer time one, and too approach sponsors for some wicked prizes.”
“We had over 130 cars turn up [this] time, so we will be planning for an event of similar scale for our next one.”

EuroCarClubMeet28Sep 48

Photos courtesy of Ash Visvanathan and Steven Watkinson.

Story: Roger Baillie (@Rojn8r)

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