Niki Lauda F1 Change

Check this video of Niki Lauda out where he says that todays F1 cars may aswell be F3 cars, which is why F3 drivers find it so easy to move to F1. He wants F1 to change and to see more aggressive cars with fat tyres and huge wings. I agree, I prefer the days when manufactures were basically able to build what they wanted, to push the engineering limits and then find someone crazy enough to drive it around the track.

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Alan Stevenson-Galvin (Skii)
Racing games is where my love for cars started. Always wanting to play more and more realistic games until I was allowed to get behind the wheel. Combine this with my love for technology and that has made me who I am today. I love to see my two passions combining and see what technologies are being used in the latest cars.



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