Every Ferrari should be special. No, every Ferrari IS special. These are cars of which childhood dreams are made of. For most cases owning a Ferrari remains a dream right up until adulthood too. Only a lucky few are able to make their Ferrari dreams come true by buying one. No doubt they’ll only take their prized possessions out on rare instances.

Ferraris are cars you don’t use everyday. They’re for special occasions which is why I’ve always argued if you’re going to get a Ferrari you may as well make it one without a roof. Convertible Ferraris for me are far more desirable than their hardtop counterparts. A 458 Spider is my ideal Ferrari.

To celebrate 60 years in North America, Ferrari have taken the top off the F12 Berlinetta and created the F60America. As a special car to celebrate a special occasion, a topless Ferrari is the best way to go. And this is quite literally a topless Ferrari. There’s no retractable electric hardtop roof here, just pure open top motoring. There is a “temporary” roof in the same way a tent is temporary accommodation.


Powering the F60America is the same 6.3L V12 as the F12. So that’s 730bhp and 690NM of torque. 0-100 km/h in 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 120 km/h with the temporary roof on.

Only 10 F60Americas will be produced, obviously. That’s around 10 times more than that other open-version of the F12 we saw earlier in the year, the F12 TRS. As with the TRS, the F60America is also a magnificent looking thing.

The styling changes over the F12 are minimal compared to the TRS but it still looks stunning. Stunning and beautiful . The front gets a more aggressive treatment with redesigned headlights and an angrier grille. The rear has gorgeous leather buttress/rollover hoops and of course there’s the paint scheme.

Painted in North American Racing Team livery, the F60America has a most acceptable blue paint job and white stripe. Oh what a lovely stripe it is. Inside the red, white, and blue continues but with an Italian twist. The driver’s side is red. Red leather seats, red dash trim, and a red centre console. The passenger misses out on the red details but does get lovely black leather and a red, white, and blue stripe too.


If you want one unfortunately you’re all out of luck. All 10 have been scooped up by 10 very fortunate and discerning buyers. The cost? Well nothing has been officially announced but speculations have the price tag around the US$2.5 million mark.

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