Without any hints or teasers Mercedes-Benz has just unveiled its G-Code Concept. It’s a small crossover type car that’s set to preview Stuttgart’s rival to the upcoming Audi Q1, meaning it’ll sit beneath the GLA in Merc’s ever expanding SUV lineup.

The G-Code was designed in collaboration with Mercedes designers in Germany and China. Their aim was to provide the ideal car to fit “the modern lifestyle of the younger Asian buyer”. As a result the G-Code sports a bolder and more dramatic design compared to Merc’s current crop of SUVs.


It has a mix of the current design language as well as some funky details. The grille for example has three different backlit colours depending on the driving mode selected. There’s a floating roof effect like you get in a MINI and there’s also suicide rear doors. The lights are worth mentioning too as the headlights have ‘G’ graphic whole the taillights stretch across the width of the rear. Like an exaggerated version of the S-Class Coupe’s.

Size-wise the G-Code measures at 4.1mm long, 1.9m wide, and 1.5m tall giving it a similar footprint to a MINI Cooper. It’s got the right size for the modern day Asian metropolis, it’s got the right design, and it has the right badge. But it also has the right “out there” thinking tech too.


Inside there’s a simple and minimalist interior. It’s all very nice and lovely and comes with the usual concept car fittings such as a information displays on the windscreen, cameras in place of wing mirrors, and smartphone activation.

But what’s really cool are the seats and air conditioning. The seats have 3D scanners which scans the occupant and adjusts to give the most comfortable and supportive position possible. The air-con attempts to solve the pollution problems in Asia by using the oxygen byproduct from the hydrogen cycle to provide clean fresh air.


Powering this car of the future isn’t some last century petrol-hybrid powertrain. Ooh no, none of that old fashioned nonsense here. Instead there’s a turbocharged hydrogen powered engine powering the front wheels via dual-clutch gearbox and an electric motor powering the rear wheels.

As if that wasn’t enough the car is painted in a “multi-voltaic” paint that works as a sort of solar panel. It can even gather energy via wind. No seriously, this would be perfect in Wellington. I’m not making this up but it can also take the energy from the movement of the suspension to power a generator. Phwoar!


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