The Ford GT is a super-car with heritage, bucket loads of heritage at that, and some might say that to modify one of these is a bit of a sin. And you might think this as the GT is almost perfect as it is, it looks great and it sounds beautiful. And so it should, with a 550bhp supercharged V8 engine that can propel it form 0-60 mph (100kph) in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of over 200mph. So why would anyone want to tweak it.

It’s simple really, and no two words describe why we do these things better than “because racecar”. It’s why enthusiast tune a Nissan GT-R, a car Nissan said was perfect and untuneable, enthusiasts want to push the envelope and be all we can be. And that’s exactly what the guys at M2K Motorsport did, pushed the envelope, or maybe they grabbed the envelope, ripped it up, eat it and then spat it out. They took what looks like a stock Ford GT in the legendary Gulf racing livery, and got a bit more poke out of the engine. And by a bit more I mean 1894bhp, which is nearly enough power to tear itself from the dyno, while creating some thunderously awesome noise.

Do I think this is a Sin, Hell yeah I do, and its a god damn amazing sin at that, keep doing what your doing M2K Motorsports


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