At the start of the year we were gifted with a glimpse of a Golf R Variant being road tested on the Nürburgring, with high hopes that the Golf R Variant would go into production.Which has now been announced that in Spring 2015 European customers can purchase their Golf R Sportwagon! There are no confirmed reports about the Golf R Variant coming to New Zealand shores anytime soon, but fingers crossed it won’t be to far behind, I am definitely keen to purchase one. Being 11″ shorter than the 5 door Golf R that is already on the market, the new Golf R Variant will sport the same 6-Speed DSG gearbox, 296HP 2.0l Turbo 4 Cylinder 4 motion as the 5 door Golf R Hatch.


Press release: Volkswagen

Wagon version of the Golf R sports 300 PS, 4MOTION all-wheel-drive, and a winning combination of practicality and performance

  • Shares the same high output 2.0-liter TSI® engine as the Golf R, with 300 PS
  • Drivetrain consists of 6-speed DSG® automatic transmission and 4MOTION® all-wheel-drive system
  • Car has top track speed of 155 mph, accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 5.1 seconds
  • Capable of seating five, with comparable cargo space to compact SUVs
  • Car goes on sale in Europe in Spring of 2015


I would probably say that the most disappointing part of the new Golf R range is that they have canned the Recaro Bucket Seats that you were able to option, though VW have lost a fair bit of money over that option, but boy did they look and feel good! Just in case you were wondering how much it cost to option the Golf R (MK6) and Golf R32 with the Recaro’s, a cool $2500! The interior of the new Golf R looks sleek and new age, definitely fading away from the brushed aluminium look and going with the gloss carbon aesthetics.



On paper, the Golf R Variant is to have 605 litres of boot space! Thats more than the new Skoda Octavia! Definitely seeing the great potential of this car replacing a few Audi B7 RS4’s! More boot space, but slightly underpowered, and the styling of the car is a real eye catcher.

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