Another week, another ultra-exclusive Ferrari you can’t have. It’s going to be a great Christmas for diehard Ferrari enthusiasts who are able to spend $4 million on a super-exclusive car from their favourite Maranello-based company. Last week Ferrari showed off its track-focused FXX K and now they’ve taken the covers off the production version of the Sergio by Pininfarina. You may remember that stunning concept car from the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, which looks almost identical to the car you see in the photos here. Made to celebrate 60 of Pininfarina-penned Ferraris, the Sergio is named after the founder of the famous Italian design house.

Only six (yes, 6!) of these will be made and all have been accounted for. That’s slightly more exclusive than the 39 limited run of the FXX K. Coincidentally both cost around $4 million each. The main difference is the Ferrari Sergio can be used on the road. That’s because it’s based on the 458 Spider, perhaps the Spider origins influenced the decision to make only six examples. The Sergio has the same interior as the 458 bar a fancy plaque on the dash. There’s the usual Ferrari trimmings of leather, alcantara, and carbon fibre inside.


The exterior is something else. This is where your extra money goes. Good thing it looks great as it costs around six times the price of a ‘standard’ 458 Spider in NZ. The front is lifted straight from the concept car. Lifted is the key word there as the headlights don’t have the same dramatic effect due to safety regulations. Still, it’s a very clean and pretty look. To the side and the targa-style profile and the matte black trim draw in your eye while the gold wheels are a great touch. Anyone who doesn’t want a red Ferrari with gold wheels has no pulse. The back is possibly where the donor car is most evident, especially around the taillights.

Unfortunately instead of a glass engine cover there’s more of that matte black trim. Which is a shame as powering the Sergio is the same 4.5-litre V8 as the 458 Speciale. That means the topless Sergio is pumping out 597bhp, which can get it from 0-100 km/h in under three seconds. Because the Sergio forgoes the Spider’s folding hardtop and adopts a stiffer body, the Sergio is around 100kgs lighter than the car it’s based on.


It’s been quite the year for drop-top Ferraris. We’ve had the 458 Speicale, A, the F12 SA, and of course who could forget the F12 TRS? The year of the horse may be coming to an end but let’s celebrate the fact Ferrari’s products are the best they’ve ever been. What’s been your favourite drop top Ferrari of 2014?


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