Ferrari have a good history of getting car names rights. The 360 was aptly named as it had a reputation for being twitchy on the limit, the F12 Berlinetta is a 12-cylinder coupe (Berlinetta roughly translates to coupe), and the F40 was made to celebrate their 40th anniversary. So, what to make of a Ferrari called the FXX K then? Presumably that’s a censored version of how they expect everyone to react to it when they first see it and drive it. In other words, it’d have to be pretty damn special.


How does a hardcore track-focused version of a LaFerrari sound? Doesn’t get much more special than that. Well maybe it can if it’s rated at 1050bhp! That’s 100bhp more than the road going LaFerrari. The FXX K carries on where the Enzo-based FXX and 599XX special editions left off. The K in its name refers to the KERS energy recovery system. The combined 1050bhp is thanks to an 860hp 6.3-litre V12 and a 190bhp electric motor. Torque remains the same at 900NM. That should be more than enough to give the FXX K a quicker 0-100 km/h time than the LaFerrari’s sub-3 seconds and go on further than 350 km/h+ too.


Like the previous XX special editions before it, the FXX K is strictly a track car. You won’t be able to drive out on the open roads. Which might seem a bit harsh given the expected $4 million price tag. Still it’s a better use of money than say, investing in Malaysian Airlines. A positive of it not having to adhere to road regulations is that Ferrari’s designers can go crazy with the styling. They don’t need to follow certain rules about how high the headlights have to be or how low the car can be.


So as a result, the FXX K looks absolutely mental. It’s as if someone at Ferrari doodled it on the back of a napkin whilst at one of Silvio Berlusconi’s bunga bunga parties. It looks like a cross between an F1 car, a Batmobile, Speed Racer’s Mach 5, and a healthy sprinkling of lunacy. There’s also enough stripes to make a tiger jealous. The FXX K is longer and wider than a LaFerrari. Among the many jaw-dropping details are a gigantic front splitter, larger side sills, and plural rear spoilers. The rear spoilers add around 50 percent more downforce over the LaFerrari.


Of course carbon-ceramic brakes are standard, which you’d hope so given the price. It also has specially developed Pirelli P-Zero slicks complete with sensors measuring acceleration, temperature, and pressure. But of course. Other changes included a multi-link rear suspension, a modified exhaust, and a reworked HY-KERS system giving four different modes. As for creature comforts, forget about it. This isn’t a Bentley.


What it is is a fantastically exciting bit of engineering. It isn’t a fully fledged hybrid like the McLaren P1 GTR, which is its closest rival. This does what it’s meant to do in a different and uniquely Ferrari and Italian way; by being charmingly insane. As much as we’d all would want one or at least have a go in one, Ferrari will only offer the FXX K experience to select LaFerrari owners. How many of the 399 LaFerrari owners will be selected is unknown but for a very lucky few they might receive the most exciting phone call in the coming months.

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