RJ Anderson Polaris

Ken Block has made his Gymkhana series famous in the motoring world. Many though might not have heard of Off-Road Racing Champion RJ Anderson.

RJ Anderson’s weapon of choice is a custom Holz Racing built Polaris RZR XP 1000 Side-by-Side (SxS). These vehicles of course aren’t you’re typical type of ‘car’ per se, they’re more like the result of cross-breading a Quad Bike with a Tuff Truck, and while may appear somewhat unassuming, they are incredibly capable machines as you will see RJ proves as he attacks a crazy array of obstacles in a 600-acre forest near Mt. Baker, Washington.

Amongst all the off-road mayhem, RJ also seems to quite casually set a world record, captured in a variety of stunning angles.

A year of planning, a month to build the course, with a crew of 40 and 14 days on location, makes for a totally impressive and thrilling video! Check it out.

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Rob McDougall
If it has an engine it must be worth checking out. I've been into motorsport ever since a wee lad watching the greats of F1 and Touring Cars. I loved cars so much I learnt to drive an old Escort at the age of 3 (well sitting on dad's lap steering down the driveway). I've traveled the world filming different types of car racing, but prefer nothing else than getting behind the wheel on a race track.


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