We all dream of having our own racecar, and better yet our own F1 car. This pipe dream may not be as far away as you once thought. This is the Predator PC010 ST, and its a fully street legal vehicle that can be registered almost anywhere in the world. You can choose between a fully electric or hybrid drivetrain, but dont for a second think this is some eco warriors version of a racecar. The Predator can do 0-100km in 3 seconds flat and has a top speed of over 290km/h. And those figures are not even the best part, the price is. You can buy the Predator for $9,999, yes that right, just under ten grand US. Granted the car arrives in a box of pieces which you have to assemble yourself, but that to me just makes it even more awesome,  who wouldn’t love to build there own racecar. And as weekend cars go, this car wouldn’t have any trouble putting a smile on your face.

Predator-PC010-ST-02 Predator-PC010-ST-03 Predator-PC010-ST-04 Predator-PC010-ST-05 Predator-PC010-ST-06



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