The 25th annual Variety fundraising Bash is taking place in March and sadly one of its most enthusiastic participants will be missing.  Renowned comedian Ewen Gilmour, who passed away in October, will be absent – but his team of Overage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be continuing his legacy and will be hitting the road for the week-long event.


To assist with their fundraising, which in turn benefits Variety and Kiwi kids, Ewen’s most recent Bash vehicle will be auctioned on TradeMe.

“Ewen’s family suggested the Van be sold and proceeds put towards the 2015 Bash, so this sale is taking place with their blessing,” said team member Ed Finn.

“Ewen was such a personality, a larger than life identity, and even in death he’s essentially doing his bit to help better the lives of sick, needy, underprivileged and less fortunate Kiwi children.”


The Turtle Van was used in the 2014 Bash and has been in storage since Ewen’s passing.

“With less than eight weeks until the start of the 25th anniversary Bash, now is the right time to sell the Turtle,” said Finn.


“The Van has many memories and stories, but now is the chance for one of Ewen’s many fans to own a unique piece of memorabilia, or alternatively a fantastic all-wheel drive vehicle in which to have their own adventures.”

To find this and other fundraising charity auction items, visit TradeMe.co.nz and search ‘Ewen Gilmour.’  The auctions conclude on Monday evening.

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