VW Golf R Touch - 1

Volkswagen Announced this week at CES in Las Vegas the Golf R Touch Concept. Lets start with this is right up my alley, a good example of the technologies.

VW Golf R Touch - 3

VW started by taking the new MkVII Golf R and putting not 1 or 2 but 3 screens in the dash. First one is a 12.3 inch screen replacing the instrument cluster, second is a 8 inch touch screen to control for media and  and finally  a 12.8 inch touch in the center for infotainment. The system being highly customizable, chaning the theme on the infotainment will change the interior trim lighting to that colour.

VW Golf R Touch - 4

But they did not stop their, this golf also incorporates a few internal cameras that are their to pick up the drivers gestures. For example, a swipe gesture toward the windshield causes the sunroof to close, while the same movement in the opposite direction will open it. The seat adjustment feature in the model is just as clever. VW also took a stab at a new paint job for this golf but I feel they may have seen a similar car before with a similar paint job.

Autodesk VRED Professional 2014 SR1-SP7




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