World-Record for-the-Tightest-Parallel-Park-Fiat-500-01

Stunt car driver Alastair Moffatt has with the help of a Fiat 500C reclaimed his Guinness World Record for the Tightest Parallel Park during the Performance Car Show in the UK. The vehicles used were completely standard, no modifications. But this does not mean you can go out and try this in your mums 500C.World-Record for-the-Tightest-Parallel-Park-Fiat-500-04

Commenting on his achievement, Alastair noted, “It’s wonderful to have my record back! With the gap getting ever smaller, finding the right vehicle is increasingly important, so the light weight, agility, dimensions and parking-friendly shape of the FIAT 500 makes it perfect to getting into even the tightest parking spots.”

Check out this next video, to see how tight this spot was, its pretty impressive, thats for sure.


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