BMW New Zealand have created some cracking April fool gags in the past, such as last year’s ZZZ Series cot which simulated a road journey to lull your baby to sleep.

This year they’ve taken it up a notch with a reverse April fool. They place a front page advert in the New Zealand Herald which said the first person to bring the paper and their car to the Newmarket dealership would be able to swap it for a brand new BMW.

BMW NZ_No Fool_Low Res 7


Of course most people thought this was too good to be true, but Tianna Marsh obviously thought “What the hell, I’ll give it a go”. She must have been pretty stunned when it turned out to be real, and BMW swapped her 15 year-old Nissan Avenir for a $50k 1 Series!

BMW NZ_No Fool_Low Res 6

BMW NZ_No Fool_Low Res 5

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I love everything about cars! Driving, looking at them, modifying. It's great to see what people do with cars, the different car cultures. If I was rich, my garage would be bigger than my house!



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