I expect you come to AutoClique to read reviews, have a laugh at some of the videos and pictures, and just generally trawl through the website. That’s a bit of a take-take relationship, don’t you think? Now it’s my turn to ask you for some advice.

My current ride is a 2002 Aprilia RST1000 Futura. It is a stunning bike and was ahead of its time. Looks great, goes incredibly well, and the sound…wind it out past 8,000rpm and you can’t help but grin.

But – it’s now 13 years old. I’ve put it up on TradeMe, as you do, and now am looking at replacing it.

My question for you: new or used?

I’ve not got a big budget. My wife is very forgiving with my passion for cars and bikes, but (luckily) she’s not crazy like I am.

So I started hunting…there is a 2008 BMW FS800ST for sale at $8495 with 46,000k on the clock.

But for that sort of money I can buy a brand new CF Motor 650TK  sports tourer – actually there are specials on right now for this bike for $8k – BRAND NEW!


Used…or new?


So what to do? First up I’m going to ride the BMW this morning. In saying that, there are fantastic reviews on that model all over the ‘net. The CF Moto also has some good reviews and $8k for a brand new tourer, with panniers? Surely I’d be crazy to not buy that over a 7 year-old BMW? (this is where you convince me that I should be going for the BMW, by the way).

You would probably be thinking right now, when I am going to say, “and then I’ll ride the CF Moto”. But it’s just not on my ‘to ride’ list. Sure I should ride it, but just can’t bring myself to do it. I’m not actually sure of the reason why; it could be that it doesn’t excite me (I do actually like the look of them) but I think the reason may be that I’d actually enjoy riding it, and then would be turned off the BMW, and I really like the BMW.

I had this same conversation the other day with someone who wanted to buy a 5 year-old Toyota Hilux. Hang on I said, for that money you can get a brand new Great Wall with a 3-year roadside warranty, leather, Bluetooth and other goodies. And it’s BRAND NEW! You would be crazy to buy that Hilux, when you can have a brand new ute!


 Used…or new?


But now I see myself doing the same thing, looking at something which in reality for a motorbike is sort of old, over a new and never used or abused Chinese motorbike.

So – help please. What’s your suggestion here?

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Fred Alvrez
How on earth to start this? I've been car/bike/truck crazy since I was a teen. Like John, I had the obligatory Countach poster on the wall. I guess I'm more officially into classic and muscle cars than anything else - I currently have a '65 Sunbeam Tiger that left the factory the same day as I left the hospital as a newborn with my mother. How could I not buy that car? In 2016 my wife and I drove across the USA in a brand-new Dodge Challenger, and then shipped it home. You can read more on www.usa2nz.co.nz. We did this again in 2019 in a 1990 Chev Corvette - you can read about that trip on DriveLife. I'm a driving instructor and an Observer for the Institute of Advanced Motorists - trying to do my bit to make our roads safer.


  1. If you are a passionate motor enthusiast you will use a different set of rules to buying your next vehicle to what you would use when buying a house. You will buy with your heart and not your head and maybe regret your purchase a little but actually love it a lot. Two things though which may be practical, how will it age ? If you tried to resell it, will you do so easily and at the price you wish and secondly is it possible you may love it so much, nothing will make you want to part with it, except maybe a good return on your investment. I would also take a strong look at the quality of the build. I can point to a time when certain vehicles were to keep at arms length both Toyota and Subaru but then turned out to be the most sought after cars and sell well later but then some vehicles never made that grade Trekka, Lada. Think back 15 years ago, would you buy a second hand Toyota Corolla or a brand new Lada. Hope that helps but look closely at the quality of the build and of course vs the quality of the care taken of a 2nd hand.

  2. In both of your examples you have compared used quality with a new Chinese vehicle. I would go for used every time. I think it is a bit of personal opinion obviously but in both of these cases the used seems better. The F800s are great bikes and BMWs have a great reputation, whereas CF Moto haven’t been around long enough for anyone to know what it will be like in 7 years. Similarly everyone knows the Hilux will last forever and stand the test of time. The Great Wall? Who knows, but experience tells us that it is highly unlikely to be built as well as a Hilux!

    The other consideration is resale value. Are you planning on running the bike until it dies? Because you know the BMW will lose money very slowly over the years, the Chinese bike will probably drop like a stone. People buy these Chinese vehicles new for the exact reason you are considering it “it brand new and it’s so cheap!”. When it’s “used and cheap” well who cares so no one will want it.

  3. Ahhh great points, thanks to both of you. It’s also great that it’s the answer I was after 🙂
    Those are excellent points to keep in mind. It really is a heart over head thing but John those were good comparisons you made – keeps things in perspective. The new Lada vs used Corolla is a perfect example.
    On another note I rode the F800 and hated it – it just didn’t feel right. I so wanted to love it, but halfway through my test ride I turned around and went back to the shop. With the Aprilia I fell in love with it after thirty seconds riding – with the BMW, there was no spark.
    I even went to ride a new CF-Moto but both the shops were shut – I’m quite glad about that now!
    So now I’m back to trawling websites looking for my next ride, armed with advice around resale value and longevity.

    Thanks again guys – sensible advice.


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