Yes, Infiniti cars aren’t sold in New Zealand (or are they? They came then they went) and this Vision GT Concept is a one-off concept which probably won’t land on our shores anytime soon, if ever, but who cares about all of that because look at it. What started out as a project for the popular Gran Turismo PlayStation game has now gone on to become a real life 1:1 model complete with parts you can touch, feel, and want.

When Infiniti gave their designers a brief on what they wanted for their Vision GT entry, the winning design came from Infiniti’s design studio in Beijing. So naturally the best place to show off this real life model was at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show, in Shanghai.


Of course being a static model only, there’s no mention of specs and performance figures. In the video game, Infiniti’s hybrid supercar is powered by a 4.5-litre naturally-aspirated V8 paired to an electric motor. The engine is placed in a front-mid position giving the Vision GT a 45:55 weight distribution. Apparently it makes a “sensual exhaust note” too, whatever that is.

What I do know is that this looks sensational. Infiniti, more than any other premium brand, needs a halo car to bring interest to the rest of their range. BMW has the i8, Mercedes has the AMG GT, and Audi has the R8. Hell, even Lexus and Acura/Honda have the LFA and NSX. Jaguar at least tried with the C-X75 Concept. But at the moment the most interesting thing to come out of Infiniti was the Q50 Eau Rouge Concept. Where’s that now?


No, Infiniti are in dire need of a supercar. It’s not just to boost their image and recognition, but also as we’ve seen with Lexus, Alfa Romeo, and to some extent Honda, having a supercar in your lineup positively affects the rest of the cars in the range. After Alfa introduced the 8C, the cars that followed such as the MiTo, Giulietta, and 4C all benefited from beautiful styling inspired by the limited run supercar.

It’s the same story with Lexus. Before the LFA the words ‘Lexus’ and ‘fun’ weren’t closely associated with one another. Now we have rear-wheel drive V8 coupes and Lexus cars in motorsport. Being part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance benefits Infiniti greatly. Should they decide to go down the supercar road they could always ask help from Nissan who’ve been doing the GT-R for over four decades now.


Imagine something with the Vision GT’s body on the underpinnings of the next-generation GT-R, sharing the (potential) hybrid powertrain. To differentiate it Infiniti could make the interior a bit more plush and luxurious. Most people might find badge-engineering undesirable but in this case I don’t think too many people will see it as a bad thing, not if you’re starting off with a GT-R. Let’s not forget Infiniti’s involvement with F1 either, which won’t hurt its a future supercar’s credentials.

If not, then Infiniti could always incorporate the stunning design of the Vision GT to its future cars. It goes without saying this is by far their most exciting design in all of their 25 years in existence. An Infiniti rival to the likes of the F-Type with these looks could be a winner. All the pieces are there, Infiniti just need to put them together. Long story short, Infiniti please make a proper road-going version of this Vision GT Concept. Not just for us, but for you too.


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