One thing you quickly learn in Tokyo is that there’s too much going on all at once. It becomes very hard to keep up with events, finding out when and where they’re happening, or even if they’re still happening. You’d think in a city as connected as Tokyo it’d be easy to keep track of things but it’s not. Which makes one-off events like this part car display, part Fast & Furious 7 promotion event by Car Guy very tricky to plan.


Things like the Toyota Mega Web (a feature on that will be up soon) and the STI Gallery are great because they’re open most days of the year and chances are they won’t be moving around. These one-off events tend to be harder to figure out unless you know the right people or are just very lucky. I’d say in this case I fell under the latter.


I only found out about this event a week or so before it happened as it came up on Facebook, as things usually do these days. The event was held at a shopping mall 90 mins away by train. Usually I’d be put off by a trip like that but I had a good reason to go; to see his amazing collection of cars.


Kimura-San, or Car Guy, is a well known car nut in every sense of the term. He loves cars and he does some crazy things with them. He was the guy who took that Ferrari F40 camping a while back. He also took said F40 along with a 458 Speciale, Huracan, and other supercars out to a ski-field for some slippery fun. His Facebook page is littered with awesome videos and photos of him and his crew having childish fun with supercars. You think of it almost as Japan’s Top Gear, without the controversy or fracas.


Being Japan there was a schedule which was meticulously followed. At 3pm sharp there was a talk show, discussing the new Sky Mission (the Japanese name for FF7, I don’t know why either) and his antics in the year so far. It was very enjoyable but I feel I would’ve enjoyed more if I understood more Japanese.


At the end of the talk there was a group rock, paper, scissors competition and gave away a lot of prizes to the children present. That was perhaps the best thing about this show/display, was the enthusiasm of the children at the cars. Japan very famously have a dwindling youth car culture due to a variety of reasons from economics, to social, and technology.


After the prize giving had concluded, at 4pm we all made our way out the West Entrance of the mall. There, some of his epic car collection was displayed. A McLaren P1, a Lamborghini Aventador 50th Anniversario in a chrome mirror wrap, a 800bhp GT-R, a drift-spec GT-R, a 458 Speciale, a McLaren 650S Spider, and a R34 Skyline GT-R V-Spec II ‘Nur’ Edition.


Very kindly/bravely, he opened his cars up and let people have a sit and a photo in them. He even opened up the bonnet of a couple of them for everyone to peek through. He certainly broke the snobbish stereotypes typically associated with owners of flash supercars. It was very clear that he had a passion for cars and he wanted to share that with others. He’s often seen driving around Tokyo in his P1 and going to meets in it too.


The mall was getting ready to close so to bring the event to an end he started the cars up and did what any sane person with a group of supercars would do; revved the life out of them. Personally the winner for the best noise went to the Aventador. There’s beating a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated Italian V12, it even made a poor boy jump. The P1 wasn’t bad but it didn’t have the volume or spectacle of the Lambo. It also helped that the Aventador had flashing LED lights. Click here to watch/hear some of the cars on display: Carguy-engines


It was a pretty good event, maybe not worth a 90 minute train ride but enjoyable nevertheless. I’m not sure when I’ll see a collection of cars like that again. And seeing the excitement on everyone’s faces from all the supercars gave me a glint of hope for Japan’s motoring future. Because isn’t that the point of a supercar, to make us all feel like children? Now I’ll shut and let the cars do the rest of the talking.


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Words cannot begin to describe how much I love cars but it's worth a try. Grew up obsessed with them and want to pursue a career writing about them. Anything from small city cars to the most exotic of supercars will catch my attention.


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