Toyota New Zealand is recalling 26,050 Corolla, Picnic, Yaris and RAV4 vehicles for a possible fault with the driver and front seat passenger airbags.

The recall is a small part of a worldwide recall of 5.089 million Toyotas fitted with airbags from outside supplier Takata.

The recall is due to the potential abnormal deployment of the airbags and expands on earlier recalls already carried out by the motor industry on Takata supplied airbags.


Spencer Morris, General Manager of Customer Services said, “Toyota New Zealand is not aware of any incidents in New Zealand where airbags in the vehicles affected by the recall might have deployed abnormally in an accident.”

The vehicles specifically affected by the recall in New Zealand are driver’s side airbags in Yaris and RAV4 manufactured between 2003 and 2005. There are 2,760 RAV4s and 3,122 Yaris that are subject to the recall.

A further 20,168 Corolla, Picnic and Yaris manufactured between 2001 and 2007 are also subject to the recall to have their passenger side airbags checked.

Toyota New Zealand is still investigating how many second hand imported vehicles might be affected by the recall.


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