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“Something fast is coming” – that’s the tagline Mercedes have attached to these latest crop of teaser photos for the upcoming C63 AMG Coupe, which were posted on their Facebook page. While manufacturers like to build up hype of their new cars with teaser shots and “leaked” photos, it can be easy to be underwhelmed by the end product. Not because the car is disappointing (well, sometimes) but it’s usually because they hype it up for so long that by the time the actual car comes out everyone has forgotten about it already.

Luckily the C63 is due for a Frankfurt Motor Show unveiling this September so we don’t have to wait too long. As for the C63 Coupe itself, it shouldn’t be hard to guess where it fits in Mercedes’ ever expanding range. It’ll be the two-door counterpart to the (recently launched in NZ) C63 Sedan and Estate. It’ll go head to head agains the likes of the BMW M4, Lexus RC F, and Audi RS5.

Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Teaser 4

As with it’s more practical siblings, the C63 Coupe uses the same 4.0-litre bi-turbo ‘M177’ V8. Many, myself included, will miss Mercedes’ charismatic old 6.2 V8 but this new engine is a worthy successor. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing this new engine in both the C63 sedan and AMG GT and I can happily report back that it makes all the right noises and is just as brutal.

The numbers should be similar to the Sedan’s, expect around 470bhp/345kW for the standard C63 Coupe and 510bhp/375kW for the C63 S Coupe, the latter being the version we’re likely to receive in NZ. 0-100 km/h should be around the same as the Sedan, if not marginally quicker. In true typical AMG tradition, it is above and beyond that of its main rivals which are around the 450bhp mark.

Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Teaser 3

Where the C63 is a mystery is in terms of its design. Usually the AMG model comes later but we have yet to even see what the non-AMG C-Coupe will look like. A safe guess might be a scaled-down version of the S-Class Coupe. Some renderings online suggest a C-Class face and the back inspired heavily by the S-Class Coupe. I’d be fine with that.

If the old model is anything to go by, then price-wise the Coupe should be positioned close to the Sedan and Estate, so expect it to be around $170,000 when it arrives in NZ. Or in other words, around $100k less than the AMG GT, which essentially has the same engine. What’s more, this generation C-Class Coupe will be joined by a Convertible version too. Imagine that, a four-seater convertible with Merc’s new 4.0-litre V8 could be a recipe for something special. Of course, every petrosexual out there will be waiting impatiently for the inevitable Black Series version. Can you tell I’m excited?

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