When I first heard that there was going to be a Bugatti themed Morning Cruise at the Daikanyama T-Site, I got a little bit more than excited. I had visions of multiple Veyrons cascading down the entrance followed by a sea of ultra-rare exoticas. My imagination may have ran a bit wild. But unfortunately, reality didn’t quite live up to my expectations/imaginations.

Not that it was a disappointment, seeing a 1 of 130-something EB110 was an absolute treat. Apparently, there are two EB110s in Tokyo, the other one is a silver example. With a quad-turbo V12 (yes, four turbos), the EB110 produced a modest (by today’s standards) 550bhp. It could still top 350 km/h though. Oh, and it has scissor doors which is a party please in any country. Not even the Veyron Super Sport has scissor doors.


For most at last Sunday’s Morning Cruise though, the highlights were the lineup of pre-1930s Bugattis. I’ll admit, my knowledge of pre-war Bugattis is about as extensive as my knowledge of the universe, i.e. little to none. I know they’re blue and they’re worth an incomprehensible amount of money. Dr. Evil should’ve asked for a vintage Bugatti instead of “1 billion, gagillion, fafillion, shabolubalu million illion yillion … yen” in the Austin Powers film.

Hearing them start up and drive off was quite a spectacle too. If only I had black-and-white vision, it would’ve been like being transported back in time. The noise they made was straight out of a history documentary. What amazed me the most was with the exception of one, all these old and expensive Bugattis were being driven on the road. They were registered and had number plates. Of the ones that drove off, only one needed a push start.


When Bugattis are the star of the show it’s hard to top that, so no one tried to. There were some other noteworthy cars such as a Ferrari 246 GT Dino, Toyota 2000GT, Porsche 356, and Renault A610 there but nothing close to the Bugattis there. Annoyingly, I waited until the very end for a Veyron to show up, but one never did. I wasn’t the only one hoping to see a Veyron, I heard one of the staff members saying he was hoping for a Veyron too.

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Ken Saito
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